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The truth is…

You can’t be a profitable trader by simply copying someone’s “strategy” and watching their videos, and have LIKELY formed really bad habits and unprofitable patterns of thought. 

I believe my specialty is working with “broken” traders to restore their confidence, give them better strategy ideas, AND break their old bad trading habits.  Of course if you are new, it is even easier, as I can help engrain PROFITABLE trading processes right from the start. Either way…


After Years of Profitable trading, I'll Reveal what actually works


If you are struggling to find profitability…

If you are frustrated because you can’t find an edge…

if you want to stop getting caught by FOMO… 

The issue is that you need an enormous shift in the way you think. 

The wolfpack will get you to where you need to be

What makes The Wolfpack different than the rest? In the Pack, you are not just another random trader being used for the profit of some marketer and some fake guru.  You will get to KNOW your Mentor and fellow traders.  You get daily guidance from me, and unlike other services where your mentor is there for 30 minutes before living his millionaire life, I am there ALL DAY. HELPING STUDENTS INDIVIDUALLY AND AS A WHOLE.  

I also teach my entire strategies, not just the setups; but market psychology, my process behind identifying profitable setups, trade execution, risk/reward principles, PDT trading and much more. We have pre-market AND power hour prep webinars EVERY DAY, live trading webinars EVERY DAY.. weekly screen share and intraday commentary, trading recap videos, trader therapy, and live voice chat where the all the members hang with each other and exchange ideas. 

But the best is TRADER THERAPY where the entire chat gets together once a week and has a trading psychology driven conversation to help fix our mental game.  It is unique but INCREDIBLY helpful.  

Being a part of The Pack means being welcomed in to the trading family where we tackle this trading business together as a community!  Being part of The Pack means joining a service where there are verifiable, experienced, and profitable trading and teaching professionals.  Give yourself the best shot at this game and become an ALPHA WOLF today!! 


WOLF TRADING: A Day Trading Guide


Day Trading Guide

Reframe Your Mentality

Roland’s Original Day Trading Guide


Roland’s “Day Trading Guide” is not just a collection of strategies and tips; it’s a comprehensive journey into the core of profitable trading. This guide tackles the common pitfalls and mental blocks that many traders face, offering insights into how to overcome them and develop a resilient trading psychology. It’s about developing a mindset, a discipline that separates successful traders from the rest.

With Roland Wolf’s expertise, you’ll learn to identify and leverage patterns, manage risks effectively, and build a trading process that aligns with your goals and strengths. 

Weekly Group Sessions


Master Your Mindset

Join Live & Catch Replays
Inside the Wolfpack

Trader Therapy is an innovative aspect of the Wolfpack experience, designed to revolutionize how traders approach the market. It’s not about strategies and numbers; it’s about cultivating a resilient mindset and overcoming psychological barriers.

Weekly Trader Therapy Sessions help you develop a disciplined, confident approach to trading. It’s an invaluable resource for anyone looking to build not just a successful trading career, but also a sustainable one, grounded in a healthy, strategic mindset.

Roland Wolf's ALPHA GUIDE



2023 ALPHA Trading Guide


“Trading Alpha: Roland Wolf’s Guide to Market Mastery” elevates day trading with fresh, effective LONG strategies and vital updates to established techniques. This guide features live-trading demonstrations, illustrating Roland’s methods in real market scenarios, enhancing pattern recognition and risk management skills. 

Under Roland Wolf’s guidance in “Trading Alpha,” you’ll learn to identify key market patterns and manage risks, tailoring a trading strategy that aligns with your personal goals and strengths.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Wolfpack membership offers access to an exclusive chat group, daily live trading webinars, comprehensive video lesson library, market commentary, and full access to our Wolf Trading: A Day Trading Guide. Members also benefit from our Trader Therapy sessions and the support of a community of experienced traders.

The Wolfpack is designed to accommodate traders of all levels, from beginners to experienced traders. Our resources cater to a wide range of knowledge and skills, ensuring valuable insights for everyone.

After signing up, you will receive an email with membership confirmation and access details to the Wolfpack Discord Server and the Wolfpack membership area on the Wolf Trades website. This includes access to various resources like the Day Trading Guide and more.

Yes, with a Wolfpack membership, you can communicate directly with Roland Wolf in the Wolfpack Discord server, where he actively engages with members, answers questions, and provides guidance.

Members receive discounts on Wolf Trades Boot Camps and may also have access to live streaming of these events. These boot camps offer intense mindset and strategy training, networking opportunities, and live trading experiences.

Yes, the Trading Alpha Guide is a separate resource from the Day Trading Guide. It offers updated strategies and new insights, focusing on advanced trading techniques not covered in the Day Trading Guide.

No, the Trading Alpha Guide is available independently and does not require a Wolfpack membership. It’s a standalone guide that can be accessed by anyone interested in enhancing their trading skills.

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